Common Carpet Problems and How to Repair Them?

Common Carpet Problems and How to Repair Them?

With regular usage and constant wear, your carpets might start getting worn out. If you’ve noticed wrinkles on your carpet, shrunken or matted fibers, or fraying or fading, it is easy for you, as a homeowner, to get freaked out with such carpet issues.

But the good thing is that most of the carpet problems can be tackled easily, provided that you know the causes and the right solution. So, here are some effective ways to repair common carpet problems so you can bring that flawless look to your precious carpeting back.

5 Common Carpet Problems and Their Solutions

1. Matted fibers and dents

With constant traffic, fibers of your carpet may crush or get entangled with each other, looking matted or flattened. Some heavy furniture can also form dents or indentations.

An easy way to address matted fibers and bring them to life is by using ice. Place some ice cubes over the matted area, let it melt, and then brush the fibers with a rake. You can also use a steam iron or a blow dryer. For larger areas, a vacuuming pass can help lift them up.

2. Wicking/recurring stains

You might notice the stains showing up on your carpet again even after you’ve cleaned them up. That means they reappear after cleaning. Superficial cleaning is the major cause of recurring stains due to wicking. Only the surface of the carpet gets cleaned but the stain that seeped deeper starts to lift up and resoil your carpet.

A deep cleaning of the carpet, especially with proper extraction and drying, can help the recurring stain to vanish. Professionals can effectively address the stain recurrence problem if stains come back on the carpet.

3. Wrinkling

Wrinkling of carpet is when it folds and pops out or forms air pockets in it. Wrinkling can happen due to excess moisture in your carpet, be it overwetting while cleaning or humid climate. It can also be a consequence of dragging heavy furniture or even an improper installation.

In most cases, if the wrinkles are few and are not severe, you can fix them by drying your carpet thoroughly. But if that does not work, you will need to re-stretch your carpet by calling a professional.

4. Shrinkage

Carpet shrinkage is when you notice the size of your carpet reducing than the normal one, leaving gaps at the edges of your floor. Shrinking of carpet occurs when you overwet it and do not dry thoroughly. Excess heat can also lead to carpet shrinking.

The solution for carpet shrinkage is to opt for deep wet cleaning and then restretch your carpet to expand it again. Avoiding overwetting and allowing proper drying can help prevent shrinking issues.

5. Shedding

Often in new carpets, the fibers of the carpet tend to loosen and shed, leaving small fur balls all over the newly installed carpeting. The carpet installation process is usually a normal cause for new carpets to shed excess fibers.

Shedding of your carpet is not a serious issue if your carpet is new. Regular vacuuming will help remove excess of it and your carpet will be normal within a few months after installation.

However, if your carpet is old and is shedding fibers, it might be weak from its structure and might need a replacement.

One-Stop Solutions To All Carpet Problems!

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