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Adding Finesse to Your Tiles

Your commercial property cannot grab the attention of customers if it has unclean tiles. Hard stains and untidy tiles never leave a good impression on the customers. Yes, regular cleaning work, but it does not remove the sticky stains and the dust which is accumulated for a long time. What’s the solution? Call Portland NW Carpet Cleaning to have professionals at your location for remarkable tile and grout cleaning services. 

Safe Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions

We are trusted by hundreds of commercial customers. All of our cleaners are backed with proven results and safety checks. You will find loads of products in the market that contain hazardous chemicals. Luckily, that is not the case with Portland NW Carpet Cleaning. We leverage products that are eco-friendly by all measures. There would be no damage to your tiles or any other surrounding item due to our cleaning work. 

Offering Complete Coverage for Tile & Grout Cleaning

There is nothing ordinary or substandard about our services. We not only target the cleanliness of your tiles. We aim to add to the protection of your tiles and grout from hard stains and sticky grease. With merely one session of cleaning, we can make your tile look shiny once again. Portland NW Carpet Cleaning aspires to be the premier provider of tile and grout cleaning services in Hillsboro and the Portland Northwest.

Why Prefer Professional Tile Cleaning Over DIY Tile Cleaning?

Not too many commercial businesses are considerate towards professional cleaning of tiles. They believe that regular cleaning is the best technique to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of tiles. The reality is quite opposite of this approach. Here are a few key benefits of hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning company:


Saves Maintenance Costs

The cleaner the tiles, the fewer maintenance costs in the future. Accumulation of dust adds to the deterioration of the tiles, and they wear out in no time. Rather than spending a lot of money on tile reparation and replacement, make the right decision in hiring professional tile cleaners. 


Restores Shine & Appeal

Clean tiles can be some of the most appealing elements of your property. The shine of the tiles is highly affected by the pollutants that stick to them. Having professional tile cleaning twice a year can maintain the elegance of the tiles for a long period.  


Prevents Mold & Mildew

There could be nothing more daunting to the reputation of your business than the growth of mold. The bathrooms and kitchens can experience the growth of mold due to humidity. We use professional cleaning processes that use high-end tools and industry-standard cleaners to prevent this mold growth right away. 

Hire Our Professional Cleaners Today!

We would be pleased to assist you with our commercial tile and grout cleaning services. Give us a call at  (971) 412-7012 or drop an email at  info@pnwcarpetcleaning.com with your requirements. We will respond in no time. 

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