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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Hillsboro, Oregon

Keeping your tile and grout looking brand new takes a ton of work and a top-notch cleaning service – even more so if the grout holding your tiles together isn’t properly sealed. Tiles can trap all kinds of debris and dirt, and grout can stain easily. Keep your tiles looking brand new by booking our tile & grout cleaning service in Hillsboro, OR. In addition to carpet cleaning and repair, Portland NW Carpet Cleaning also offers tile and grout cleaning. Our professional experts know a thing or two about getting into the nooks and crannies of tile and grout, and they are ready to provide quality service and go the extra mile in making sure your tile looks as fresh and new as it did on day one. Our knowledgeable on-demand team can restore grout by cleaning it, then following up with sealing so that in the long run, your tiles will be way less porous. 

Tiles can be extremely tough to keep clean because dirt, mold, and other substances tend to build up in the gaps between them.

It takes a professional cleaning service to completely remove these substances. While regularly mopping the floors can keep tile and grout clean, store bought mops aren’t nearly as powerful as the equipment needed to get hard-to-reach dirt and grime that settles into grout over time. Not to mention, improper mopping techniques can actually damage and stain tile and grout faster because normally, mops just push around dirty water, bacteria, and particles into tile surfaces.

One might think using a mixture of dish soap, water, bleach, and other common household cleaning solutions might be enough to remove tough stains, but the reality is dish soaps and household cleaners will slowly but surely build up a residue that sticks to your grout, and bleach can weaken grout over time, causing it to eventually break apart. If your tiles are glossy, bleach can also ruin the shine. Keeping tile and grout submerged in soapy water is also not recommended, as dried soap can actually attract more dirt particles to your tile and ruin your tile’s appearance right after cleaning. 

While tiles are more durable and resilient than carpeting, it takes professional-grade equipment to ensure its longevity. Just as your car or anything else in your home may require routine preventive maintenance, your tile and grout need maintenance from the qualified tile & grout cleaning professionals in our area. Our experts at Portland NW Carpet Cleaning in Hillsboro OR will use nothing less than the safest, most effective cleaning methods to make sure your tiles and grout stay squeaky clean. 

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Our professional cleaners are not just experts in carpet, rug, and tile & grout cleaning, but in all types of commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning services, and they can service you in the greater Portland area including Hillsboro. If you have any questions regarding cleaning services call (971) 412-7012 or send us a message at info@pnwcarpetcleaning.com

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