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Residential Carpet Cleaning Service near Hillsboro, Oregon

Protect Your Carpets Year Round

Our scheduled floor maintenance programs guarantee priority when you need your carpets and floors cleaned the most. You receive priority appointments, discounted rates on services, and carpet repairs. Like changing the oil in your vehicle, it is important to keep routine upkeep of your carpets and flooring on a semi-annual basis.

Carpet Care Club Features:

  • 2 Carpet Cleaning or Floor Cleanings a Year
  • Preferred Pricing
  • 10 Point Service Inspection & Safety
  • Scheduled Upkeep 
  • Preferred Client Standing & Top Priority Scheduling

Semi-Annual Carpet or Floor Cleaning

A few factors determine the number of times carpet should be cleaned per year. Home carpets absorb almost everything from a person’s shoe, bringing unwanted pollutants, dirt, and debris from the outside world. A carpet may appear clean but actually contain soil, pollutants like dust and pet dander, odors, and if you wear shoes on your carpet, you should typically have it cleaned every six months. 


Offices and businesses such as banks will require their carpet cleaned more often as they receive many visitors every day. However, the carpet should be cleaned semi-annually in an office that does not receive many visitors per day. Most manufacturers maintain that offices should make it a routine to clean their carpets at least once per year.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service near Hillsboro, Oregon

Preferred Pricing

Carpet and upholstery cleaning costs vary depending on the size of the area, the cleaning method, the carpet or fabric type, and whether stain removal is required. With our Carpet Care Club membership, you receive exclusive discounts and savings on your semi-annual cleanings!


Scheduled Upkeep

For the best carpet care, always hire a professional. When businesses or homeowners attempt to clean their carpets, they often choose the wrong cleaning products. Inadequate cleaning agents can leave your carpet full of dirt and debris, and those that are too strong may cause irreparable damage. Portland NW Carpet Cleaning can perform routine carpet cleaning to help extend the life of your carpets. 


Preferred Client Standing & Top Priority Scheduling

Schedule both Carpet Care Club appointments to receive priority scheduling before anyone else. A member of our team will call you a month in advance of your scheduled carpet or floor care appointment to ensure it still works with your schedule. 

Call us at 971-412-7012 or fill out our contact form to sign up for our Carpet Care Club program. Our friendly technicians are excited to serve you soon!

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