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Affordable Upholstered Cleaning Services in Hillsboro, Oregon

Upholstered furnishings are the center focus of our house. We spent most of our time on them. But did you know that apart from being dirty and smelly, upholstered furnishings are a warehouse of grimes and bacteria? You don’t want your loved ones to be exposed to them.

You can rest assured, expert upholstery cleaning professionals from Portland NW Carpet Cleaning can remove all your upholstery cleaning related worries.

We are a locally-owned and operated company serving Hillsboro Oregon and the Portland metro area. We are leading experts in carpet cleaning & repair services, pet odor removal, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, and commercial carpet cleaning. Over 20 years of experience and dedication to customers like you.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners Hillsboro

  • We specialize in all types of carpet and upholstery cleaning. We are very professional and always on time for our appointments and put customer service number one.

    Getting your home to look and smell like new is an art we take very seriously and you’ll appreciate the care we give your upholstery. So, when you are ready for that fresh and clean look for your upholstery give us a call.

Benefits Of Upholstery Cleaning

1. Fresh and Clean air in your home.
2. Healthier environment for you and your family.
3. Restore your upholstery and bring its original beauty.
4. Save money on the cost of repurchase.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners Hillsboro

Let us help you expand the life of your upholstery and create a healthier environment for you and your family with our top-notch upholstery cleaning service.

Your upholstered furniture will last longer when it’s professionally cleaned. We’ll make it look new and smell great! Our cleaning process gently restores your furniture to a beautiful look you may have not thought possible. The stains removed and odors will be pulled out leaving you with clean and fresh smelling furniture.

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