Astonishing Tile and Grout Cleaning Facts

Astonishing Tile and Grout Cleaning Facts

Tiles adorn your floor. Like the rest of the flooring, tiles also have to be maintained. Cleansing incorrectly can damage the tile and grout, causing them to fade.

Many people do not know the right way to clean, and they try to imitate their friends or family. This causes the tile and grout to get spoiled in the process.

People have lots of misconceptions about tile and grout cleaning facts. So let’s look at some popular myths and facts.

5 Well Known Tile And Grout Cleaning Facts & Myths

Myth 1: Dishwasher Solutions Clean Tiles

Dishwasher solutions are not strong enough to clean the tile and grout. However, their residue settles on the tile when cleaned with dishwasher solutions, which cause damage to them.

Myth 2: Bleach Is An Effective Solution To Clean Tiles

Bleach proves to be a little effective, but if not completely unsuitable for cleaning tile and grout. Repeated bleaching can make the tiles white and weaken the grout or damage it entirely.

Myth 3: Clean Using Acids

Acids are powerful chemicals, and one should be very careful while using them. Tiles are strong and can withstand acid but the grouts can’t. Cleaning the grout with acid can cause permanent damage to them.

Astonishing Tile and Grout Cleaning Facts

Myth 4: Regular Mopping Clean Tiles and Grout

Regular mopping keeps the tiles clean, but stubborn stains are difficult to remove with just mopping. Sometimes, excessive mopping the tiles attracts more dirt.

Myth 5: Wire Brush Can Remove Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains are very difficult to remove with a wire brush. For tiles, it works a bit but causes terrible damage to the grout. Rubbing the wire brush too hard can also remove the grout.

The Best Solution To Maintain Your Tiles!

The best way to clean tile and grout is by hiring professionals. It’s because they have all the tools and equipment. Professional cleaners not only clean the tiles and grout but also restores their shine completely.

Now, you know the importance of professional tile and grout cleaning service. Get help from professional tile and grout cleaners in the Hillsboro area from Portland NW Carpet Cleaning.

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