Why You Shouldn’t Clean Area Rugs Like Carpets?

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Area Rugs Like Carpets?

Most homeowners prefer carpets as floor covering. Whereas they prefer area rugs only at special places like living rooms or bedrooms. There are many reasons for that. The main one being area rugs are more delicate and glamorous than carpets.

In addition to that, hand woven area rugs cost over $10,000. It includes oriental and special rugs which are often passed down from generation to generation. Compared to rugs, carpets are relatively cheaper and made of more sturdy material.

Aside from that, carpets and area rugs are made differently using different materials. So many people have doubts about why you shouldn’t clean area rugs like carpets. The cleaning process depends on various reasons which are discussed below.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Clean Area Rugs Like Carpets

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Area Rugs Like Carpets?

a. Difference In Making

The major difference between carpets and area rugs is that both of them are made of different materials. For example, carpets are made of synthetic fibers, while area rugs are made of either natural or synthetic fibers.

With different types of fibers, you need different cleaning methods and solutions to clean them properly. You can’t use carpet cleaning solutions on rugs as it will cause damage to the fibers.

b. The Case of Backing

Carpets placed at high-traffic areas have backing provided to them. This helps to save them from getting huge wear and tear. Plus, it also keeps them in one place.

Rugs are handwoven and don’t have any type of backing attached to it. Therefore, you clean the carpet thoroughly in one go while for rugs you need to clean both sides.

c. Monetary Value

Some oriental rugs are passed from generation and therefore are highly valuable to that family. Similarly, hand-woven rugs are very pricey and therefore hire a professional rug cleaning service to clean them properly.

Carpets are made in factories and of synthetic materials. So although they are expensive but are less compared to area rugs. That’s why you can’t ask rug cleaners to clean your carpets.

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