What Is a Carpet Moth?

What Is a Carpet Moth?

Carpets are beautiful and charming till it’s infested with moths. Now, moth infestations are easy to deal with, at the same time, removal of them is an expensive affair. People don’t realize that their carpets are infested, and then they need an expensive removal process to clean it completely.

So many of you have questions regarding it. From what causes carpet moths, to what solution to opt for, or should we replace the carpet completely. Figuring this all out on your own can be daunting, so here we are to help you find answers to your questions.

Information About Carpet Moths You Should Know

Identification Of Carpet Moths

Before you find out what causes them, it’s important to focus on how to identify them. So here’s how you can identify them:

  • They are small flies that have brown and black spots on them.
  • Their wingspan’s width ranges from 9-16mm.
  • They have hairy fringes in the front.
  • The moth larvae leave their casing on the carpet. So, if you find rice like casing on your carpet, then it means your carpet is infested.

Causes of Carpet Moths

Moths survive on keratin proteins found in skin and hair. That’s why you would generally find them in carpets made of wool, fur, silk, and other natural materials. However, you can still have a moth infestation even if you don’t have a carpet made of the above materials.

Moths, generally, hide their eggs between the carpet piles and fibers. That way they are completely hidden from any harm that comes their way. But once they hatch, the larvae eat dirt and debris collected in the carpet to survive. Apart from that, climate also plays a major role in a moth infestation.

What Is a Carpet Moth?

How To Remove Them?

The best way to keep these pests away from your carpets is by cleaning them regularly. Vacuuming them keeps these pests at arm’s length. You can hire steam carpet cleaning services to eradicate them completely. But there’s no guarantee of them never coming back.

Take Help of Professional Carpet Cleaners For Moth-Free Carpets!

Removing moths from the carpet can be very taxing and less rewarding if you do it yourself. So take the help of professional carpet cleaning experts from Portland NW Carpet Cleaning in Hillsboro.

We have a team of dedicated carpet cleaning specialists who have knowledge and experience in moth removal from carpets. To hire us, call on  (971) 412-7012. You can also follow us on Twitter to know more about the causes of carpet moths.