How Much Does Area Rug Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Area Rug Cleaning Cost?

Area rugs are great artworks for your floor. They make your room look lavishing. However, dust and grime can fade their look. Therefore it is necessary to deep clean them to protect their fibers from getting spoil.

The area rug cleaning cost ranges between $50 – $300. However, this cost is affected by many factors. That’s why it is tough to determine the price of the professional cleaning.

Factors Affecting Area Rug Cleaning Cost

a. Size

The area rug cleaning cost is greatly affected by size. It’s simple maths. The bigger the size of your rug, the more cleaning it requires. Therefore, the price of cleaning a big area rug is more than the small one.

b. Thickness

Some area rug fibers are quite thick and require more deep cleaning than other fibers. If the fibers are dense, then it will take more time to soak and clean. Therefore, it can increase the cost of cleaning.

c. Fabric Type

Many people make the mistake of cleaning area rugs as they clean their carpets. Area rugs are made of more delicate fabrics. They require special care while cleaning.

1. Polypropylene

The cost of cleaning a polypropylene area rug can cost you between $2 – $4 per sq. ft. However, the rate can vary depending upon the method used for cleaning it.

2. Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that is strong fibers and is slightly dense. Hence, they work amazingly well as an area rug. The cleaning of a cotton area rug can cost around $4 – $6 per sq ft.

3. Silk

Silk is an expensive fiber and hence requires special care while cleaning. The cleaning process of silk fibers requires a lot of time and work. Therefore, the cleaning will cost you around between $6 – $8 per sq ft.

4. Wool

The Woolen fibers are quite luxurious. They are quite heavy and dense. The fibers of the woolen area rugs are quite delicate and require special care. Cleaning them can cost you around $6 – $10 per sq ft.

d. Area Rug Cleaning Method

How Much Does Area Rug Cleaning Cost?

There are different types of cleaning techniques used in area rug cleaning. That’s why the cost of cleaning is distinct for every cleaning method. Here are the types of area rug cleaning method:

1. Dry Cleaning Method

The dry cleaning method does not require the use of water. The professionals clean the area rug using a vacuum and remove the dust and grime from the surface.

2. Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is one of the best techniques to clean the area rugs. The professionals will use steam to clean the dust and grime from the area rugs. This technique restores the appearance of the area rugs like new.

3. Hand Cleaning Method

This is the conventional technique of cleaning the area rugs. However, this technique does not restore the appearance of the area rugs.

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