DO’s And Don’ts Of Carpet Pet Stain Removal

DO’s And Don’ts Of Carpet Pet Stain Removal

Pets bring lots of joy to your lives! They play and roam around the house all-day lifting everyone’s mood. But, sometimes accidents happen. Even though your pets are well trained, in some cases they pee on the carpets.

Pet stains are hard to remove from the carpets. If left unattended for a long time, it can cause permanent damage to the carpet. They also leave behind a bad odor inside the carpet which spreads throughout the house.

Many people try to treat pet stains by themselves. For this purpose, you need to use the right techniques to get the desired results. Otherwise, it can make the situation much worse.

So, the safest option is to hire carpet pet stain removal services. Expert pet stain removal technicians have the training to extract all the stains from the carpet effectively. Here’s some do’s and don’t you should know while cleaning pet stains.

DO’s And Don’ts Of Carpet Pet Stain Removal

⇒ Do’s

1. Immediate Action

Sometimes the incident occurs in front of us. Take action immediately and remove the stain then and there before the pee reaches the padding of the targets. If you leave it unattended for more time it can spoil the fibers of the carpets.

2. Vinegar

A vinegar solution is an effective home remedy in removing the pet stain from the carpets. Mix half part vinegar with half part water, and apply it on the affected area. This mixture will make it easy for you to remove the stain from the carpets.

3. Paper Towel

Put paper towels on the wet stain to absorb as much liquid as possible. Try to wipe off the stain gently after removing the towels. Paper towels prevent the stain from reaching the padding of the carpets, thus saving the carpet fibers.

⇒ Don’ts

1. Steam Cleaning

Using a steam cleaner to clean the pet stain is not a good idea. The heat coming out of the steam cleaners can make the situation much worse. That’s because the heat can make the stain permanently stuck on the carpets.

2. Scrub

Vigorous rubbing can damage the delicate fabrics of the carpets and ruin them. Always try to remove the stain gently from the carpets to avoid ripping of the fibers.

Best Course Of Action

Using the above techniques will help you to get rid of the pet stains from your carpets. However, you may wipe off the stain from the carpets but not the odor. The urine or feces contain ammonia that can cause carpets to smell bad.

In this case, hiring a professional pet odor removal company is important. They have vast experience in handling and cleaning carpets. They can remove the pet stains from the carpets efficiently and also get rid of the odor.

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