Factors that Affect Carpet Cleaning Costs in Hillsboro, OR

Factors that Affect Carpet Cleaning Costs in Hillsboro, OR

One thing that keeps your carpet looking its best is regular cleaning. But when dirt, grime, and everyday soiling take a heavy toll on it, it certainly deserves more than a hoover, and that’s a pro’s attention.

However, when it comes to hiring professionals for carpet cleaning, the very first thing that pops up in your concern is the pricing factor.

In general, the normal range for the cost of carpet cleaning in Hillsboro is $130 to $255 with an average of $192.

But that’s not it for all. There are some factors that vary the actual pricing you’ll pay for your carpet’s deep cleaning. Let’s take a look at them.

Factors That Decide The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning Services

⇒ Number of rooms

One of the first things that will majorly affect the cleaning prices is the number of carpeted rooms you want to be cleaned. Most carpet cleaning services charge based on rooms and have a flat rate for each.

Average range: $30 to $60 per room

However, this criteria might not be applicable for rooms that are larger than the normal ones and that’s when they opt to measure the area by square foot.

⇒ Area to be cleaned

For larger carpeted areas to be cleaned, the carpet cleaning cost will depend on the area per square foot. That’s why professionals often ask for the size of your carpeted area when offering a cleaning quote.

Average range: $0.15 to $0.50 per square foot

⇒ Type of your carpet

Another deciding factor behind carpet cleaning cost is the type of your carpet’s fabric. Loop-pile carpets like Berber and those made up of polyester and nylon are easy to clean. Whereas the carpets with long-pile are harder to clean. So based on the type, the prices can differ.

Average range for Berber and low-pile carpets: $80 to $100

Average range for Cut-pile, wool, and cotton carpets: $100 to $150

⇒ Cleaning method used

Based on the condition and amount of soiling on your carpet, carpet cleaners will choose the appropriate method to clean them. Moreover, different types of carpet cleaning methods demand varying levels of effort based on which the carpet cleaning cost will depend.

Methods like bonnet cleaning, shampooing, and dry treatment will be easier to carry out than more extensive and time-consuming processes like hot water extraction and steam cleaning.

Average price ranges (per room):-

  • Bonnet cleaning: $30 to $90
  • Carpet Shampooing: $70 to $160
  • Dry powder cleaning: $60 to $150
  • Hot water extraction: $150 to $300
  • Steam cleaning: $100 to $400

⇒ Some additional factors:

• Furniture moving

If your carpet has some heavy furniture items kept over it and you want cleaners to shift that, some of them might ask for an extra charge for that.

• Heavy staining & foot traffic

Carpets with extensively deep-seated stains and heavy foot traffic lanes might need to be pretreated with extra attention, which can further add up to the overall carpet cleaning cost. This is especially applicable for whether it’s a residential property or a commercial one.

• Frequency

The prices for booking carpet cleaning services for a single visit might be different than booking multiple visits for monthly or biannual cleaning in bulk as some pros might offer a discount to regular customers.

• Time slot

Carpet cleaners are busiest in the peak hours due to higher demand. That is, cleaning your carpet during weekends or holidays might differ the price from scheduling at odd times.

• Accompanied services

If you are combining multiple services like carpet protection, upholstery cleaning, etc., along with cleaning, the charges can add up to the overall cost.

• Travel distance

Since most professionals have bulky cleaning equipment and a vehicle to carry to your home, they might demand travel fees if your home is too far from their place.

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