Affordable Carpet Cleaning Packages In Hillsboro

What is the most essential thing about having a carpet in your home? Well, it is to keep it clean and intact for years to come. So what are you doing to attain this goal? Are you cleaning your carpet regularly with a vacuum machine? What about the stains? Are you cleaning them properly? You know what to do if the carpet stains come back, right?

Hopefully, you do half the above-mentioned things and know the answer to them, If you don’t, then it’s time to educate yourself. You can do that by either reading blogs or hiring professional carpet cleaners. But they not only clean your carpets rather guide you to the dos and don’ts of carpet cleaning.

But if budget is the problem that is stopping you from professional carpet cleaning services, then here is an option to choose an affordable option.

Carpet Cleaning Packages In Hillsboro That We Must Aware Of

Carpet cleaning consists of many steps and thus its packages change accordingly. Here is the list of carpet cleaning packages that Portland NW Carpet Cleaning in Hillsboro offers:

♦ Economy Package

Pre-inspection, Professional Vacuum, Pre-Spray, Pre-Treat Spots, Steam Cleaning and Extraction, Post-inspection, and Speed Dry

♦ Silver Package

Pre-inspection, Professional Vacuum, Pre-Spray, Pre-treat Spots, Thorough Agitation, Steam Cleaning and Extraction, Post-inspection, and Speed Dry

♦ Gold Package

Pre-inspection, Professional Vacuum, Pre-Spray, Pre-treat Spots, Thorough Agitation, Steam Cleaning and Extraction, Carpet Protector, Post-inspection, and Speed Dry

Find Out Here What The Cleaning Process Consists Of

◊ Pre-Inspection

This helps to investigate the carpet’s condition, test out the material, locate the problematic areas, and work out the best carpet cleaning plan.

◊ Professional Vacuum

Later, vacuum the carpet to remove all the loose debris and soil present on it. This also helps to clean the surface-level dust and grime placed on the carpet.

◊ Pre Sprays

Pre-spraying enzyme-based carpet cleaning solution to help break down sordid particles from the carpet fiber. The solution then sits on the carpet for 10 minutes.

◊ Pre-Treat Spots

In case there are any tough stains present, applying a pre-spot treatment will help dissolve the stain permanently.

◊ Thorough Agitation

Using a carpet agitator, the carpet cleaning product is evenly worked through the carpet fibers. This way it can reach and clean from deep within.

◊ Steam Cleaning and Extraction

With the help of a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, all the sordid elements from the carpets are extracted out of it. Thus, cleaning your carpet thoroughly.

◊ Carpet Protector

A carpet protector is applied to protect the carpet from staining again. These water-repellant sprays are powerful and can help prevent sticky stains to make their home on your carpets.

◊ Post-inspection

Post-inspection is performed to check if there are any missed spots left to be cleaned.

◊ Speed Dry

Lastly, the carpet is left to dry. Make sure not to use the carpet until it is completely and fully dry.

Professional Carpet Cleaners In Hillsboro Providing Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services!

Seeking affordable professional carpet cleaning in Hillsboro? Who better than Portland NW Carpet Cleaning to help you with this. Go through our above-mentioned carpet cleaning packages and choose the one that fits your budget. Then, call (971) 412-7012 to book your appointment.

Our professional carpet cleaners provide top-class carpet cleaning services to all our clients in Hillsboro.