Common Rug Cleaning Myths That All Homeowners Believe

Common Rug Cleaning Myths That All Homeowners Believe

Rugs are more in use because of its warmth and softness. Moreover, it helps to protect your floor also from damage and scratch. There are many misconceptions about rug cleaning that can lead you to the wrong track.

People think rugs can only be dirty if placed in a high traffic area. Let us tell you that rug cleaning is more than just shampooing the surface. Rugs attract bacteria and allergens if you ignore cleaning the surface.

Even if you place your rug in a low foot traffic area, it still requires regular cleaning. Do you think that regular sweep and vacuuming is enough for the surface? Then you are mistaken. You can not do deep cleaning at home.

Confused with common rug cleaning myths that you also heard? Then you came to the right place, here you will learn about misconceptions that common people hold.

Rug Cleaning Myths That You May Have Heard About

♦ Rugs Should Be Dry Cleaned Only

There are few methods used for dry cleaning like dry foam, dry compound and dry chemicals. Apparently, these methods will only result in improving the exterior look of your rug. This will not help you extract the dirt and stains available beneath the fiber of your rug.

What your rug needs? A proper deep wet wash cleaning. Only dry cleaning can not remove all the chemical and shampoo residue.

♦ Choose The Cheapest Quote Providing Company

Do you want your dirty rug cleaned properly with professional help? Then be aware of the companies that offer ridiculously low prices for rug cleaning. Because in such cases they do not provide effective cleaning.

Be ready to give a reasonable price for the services, as it requires more procedure in deep rug cleaning. Hire experts like us, who are more concerned about customer satisfaction.

♦ You Can Clean Rugs At Home

Most of the homeowners think they can clean the rug at home using DIY methods. There are more chances that your rug can be ruined at home. Over wetting can cause the growth of mildew and mold. Professionals use high-quality tools to dry the wet rug faster.

However, at home you can not extract the chemical saturated in the fibers of the rug. The chemicals in rug fibers will attract more soil and dust on the surface.

Common Rug Cleaning Myths That All Homeowners Believe

Planning To Hire The Foremost Rug Cleaning Service Provider?

Whether it’s your commercial or residential area, rug plays an important role in safeguarding your floor from dirt. Likewise, a dirty surface can leave a negative impact on your image.

PNW Carpet Cleaning always uses a trusted cleaning solution to remove the stains and dirt from the rug. Approaching experts like us will always ensure you for a 100% satisfactory result.

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