Which Option To Opt – Carpet Repair Vs New Carpet?

Which Option To Opt – Carpet Repair Vs New Carpet?

Carpets withstand rough use, wear and tear, pet urine accidents and many other harsh treatments. However, these things damage the fabrics of your carpet.

A time comes when the carpets are in such bad conditions. Now, you need to decide whether to opt for carpet repair vs new carpet. However, this decision is hard to make.

One needs to consider various factors, which are discussed below to decide between carpet repair vs new carpet.

Detailed Comparison Between Carpet Repair Vs New Carpet

1. Cost Analysis

Cost is the most crucial factor that indicates whether to repair or buy carpet. However, carpet repair costs range from $35-$450 per room, while new carpet ranges from $500-$1500 per room. So, go for carpet repair if budget is a problem or else a new carpet works well too.

carpet Repair Vs New Carpet

2. Amount of Damage

If the carpet is damaged and you plan on fixing it, carpet repair is the best option. Carpet repair experts mend patches, bubbles, rips, and spots effectively. However, if there is a huge amount of damage to the carpet, then it is better to buy a new one.

3. Quality of Carpet

The quality of the carpet matters when you plan to either repair or replace it. If the carpet is over two decades old, it’s best to replace it with a new one. However, if it’s only a few years old and of good quality, repairing it makes more sense. Additionally, carpet repair specialists have expertise in transforming old carpet into looking new-like.

carpet Repair Vs New Carpet


You can opt for a new carpet if you have the money to spend on it. However, carpet repair is a much wiser choice. Moreover, a carpet repair costs around 30-60% the cost of a new carpet. So, this is a more economical option.

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