Tips for Cleaning Up After a Super-Bowl

8 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Super Bowl Party

For some, the Super Bowl is an opportunity to get together with friends, socialize, or plan a party. For others, It’s fight to the finish with their favorite team and their opponent, and the party ends up being just background noise. Either way, many will be flocking to your living room around the TV, healthy game day smack talk and snacks in tow.

Super bowl game

But when it’s all said and done and the game is over, cleaning up afterward doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Top Tips For Cleaning Up After The Super Bowl

1. Consider Using a Dish Bin or Two

Unless you don’t care to have piled up dishes on your kitchen counter (and given you and your guests used non paper items for the food), you can forgo this tip. Put one or two dish bins near the sink to prevent your sink from overflowing with dirty dishes. While you clean up, fill the bins with hot, soapy water and let the dishes soak. If you want to make collecting dirty plates and glasses easier, take an empty dish bin with you around the room and collect as you go.

2. Start Removing All Trash

Take a trash bag and go through the living room and kitchen, collecting paper and food garbage. Do a second walk-through, picking up all the recyclable trash, such as beer bottles and soda cans.

3. Put Away or Throw Away Leftovers

If there is any food left and you want to keep it, wrap it up and place it in the fridge or consider giving to-go plates to your guests. To make the to-go plates, you can use good old fashioned styrofoam plates and foil, tupperware, or styrofoam containers that close.

4. Get The Air Flowing 

Many bodies in one room can make the air stuffy and hot. If you don’t want to turn on the AC, open up a few windows and turn on either a portable AC unit or a ceiling fan. This is also a great way to remove any odors. If it’s way too cold to leave your windows open since the Super Bowl does take place in the thick of winter, light a candle or use an essential oil diffuser to get rid of any lingering odors.

5. Pretreat any Stains

With any party, there is bound to be accidental food or drink spills. If you notice any stains on your couch or area rug, hit it with a pretreat product and let it sit while you continue cleaning. You can make your own by filling a spray bottle with a mixture of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide, along with a few drops of dish soap.

6. Wipe Down Any Used Tables

Grab your all purpose cleaning solution and spray and wipe down the tables. If your table is glass, grab your glass cleaner. No need to panic if you notice your guests didn’t use the provided coasters – toothpaste will remove water ring stains from your coffee table or side tables if they are made of wood. Squeeze a small amount of white toothpaste onto a soft cloth and rub the stain gently. When done, wipe the table with the furniture polish of your choosing

7. Clean Your Guest Bathroom

Here’s to hoping all you have to do is straighten it up and do a wipe down. Add your choice of toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl and leave it to work while you wipe down the vanity, sink, and mirror. Throw the hand towel in the dirty laundry, give the floor a quick sweep and mop, then return to scrub and flush the toilet.

8. Clean Your Floors Last

Let your floors be the order of business. As you wipe off counters, wash any dishes, and generally pick up, the floors will continue to take a beating. Wait until the rest of the room/house is spic and span before you bring out the broom, vacuum, or the mop.

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